We currently have open registration for all of our workshops. Upcoming workshops will be meeting on Wednesday mornings and Tuesday afternoons.

Please contact us for more information about scheduling and to reserve your spot today.

Once we have 3 or more people registered for a group, we will confirm a meeting time to best accommodate everyone. In some cases, two groups will be formed if needed.

"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." - Theodore Roethke

Finding Calm


Find ways to embrace stillness and inner calm. This workshop will focus on breathing and relaxation, mindfulness techniques, and strategies that use music and creative writing to help you center yourself and reduce stress and anxiety. Develop skills and train your mind to reach inner peace. 


Finding Clarity


Find ways to connect more fully with your authentic self and discover what you need to feel happier and more centered in who you are. This workshop will focus on introspection, self awareness, and self discovery. Using techniques involving meditation, music, creative writing, and intentional contemplation, you will develop a better sense of identity and direction.


Finding Peace


Find ways to recenter after devastation. Help move past periods of grief, illness, and mental or physical trauma by giving your mind and body space to heal. This workshop will use strategies involving breathing, stretching, relaxation techniques, here & now exercises, creative writing, music, and reflection to help you rediscover your inner peace and grounding.


Finding Purpose


Find ways to chart new paths. This workshop will focus on self discovery, connection, and empowerment. Using techniques involving meditation, self analysis, music, creative writing, and intentional contemplation, you will develop a better sense of identity, purpose, and direction.


Being in the Here & Now


Find ways to connect with the present moment. This workshop will focus on techniques that can help you become more fully present in the here and now. Techniques will include mindfulness training, meditation, music, creative writing, and other sensory-guided experiences.




Find ways to revitalize your body and rejuvenate your mind. This workshop will focus on activities designed to help you rest, nourish, and restore. Techniques will include breathing, stretching, movement, music, sensory-guided experiences, and creative writing.



 We also offer bundled pricing for groups signing up together. All sessions include handouts and other educational materials.